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What is ClearSilver?
ClearSilver is a fast and powerful HTML templating system.

ClearSilver is language neutral, allowing you to seamlessly mix C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, PHP, and any other programming language you use, all in the same site, or even the same page.

ClearSilver is fast, avoiding the problems created by language-specific template systems written in slow script languages such as Python or Perl.

ClearSilver is easy to use. Unlike XML/XSLT, which are complicated to setup and understand. You'll quickly find that ClearSilver is the easiest way to develop dynamic webpages.


The ClearSilver mailing list is hosted at Yahoo Groups. You can join the list either online or by email.

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Re: Best solution for output file directly - Brandon Long
    If you want to use the wrappers in CS, you can do something like: cgiwrap_writef("Content-Type: foo/bar\r\n"); cgiwrap_writef("Content-Length: %d\r\n\r\n",

clearsilver bug in cgi-parse, form posting with explicit chartset... - David Jeske
    I just ran into a bug in clearsilver that I'm surprised has existed for so long. The problem occured because Firefox is specifying a character set in the

Filter at runtime - bxxx
    Hello Brandon, hello everybody, I want to filter every dataset into clearsilver hdf at runtime. OR is it possible to (override | add hook) "var" hdf function ?

Re: Filter at runtime - Brandon Long
    I'm not sure I understand. You want to intercept every hdf_set_value call to change what is set? There isn't a way to do this in C. In Java/Python where

Crashes with the python plugin - camio
    Hello, I've been trying to make a new egg of the python module for version 0.10.5. Unfortunately, I'm getting crash behavior particularly in the cs_destroy

ClearSilver shared object libraries? - Rod
    Just started using ClearSilver, and wondering why there aren't any shared object libraries being built. Is there some technical reason that I don't grok, or

Re: ClearSilver shared object libraries? - David Jeske
    AFAIK, there isn't any particular reason that dynamic libs are not built (on UNIX).. probably that nobody that needed them submitted patches. My Windows/C#

Re: ClearSilver shared object libraries? - Rod
    ... Patch included. This also tries to fix the problem of cross-compiles that try to run tests on the build hosts, using components created for the non-native

At what point does CS acquire its data from the HDF backend database - Rod
    I have an application that I'm developing, and hoping to use CS for part of it. It also uses the GNU libmicrohttpd for providing built-in HTTP server support.

Re: At what point does CS acquire its data from the HDF backend data - David Jeske
    What you're doing is fine. You can call cs_render multiple times, changing the HDF dataset in-between. There are, however, some subtleties of var/evar/lvar

Re: At what point does CS acquire its data from the HDF backend data - Rod Nussbaumer
    Thanks for clarifying that. I just wanted to make sure what I'm trying to do is actually within the intended purpose of ClearSilver. Armed with that

Re: At what point does CS acquire its data from the HDF backend data - David Jeske
    ... Yes, the result of hdf_write_file should be readable by hdf_read_file. I doubt hdf_write_file is smart about escaping the contents of HDF keys though. This

high-speed hdf-json-bson converter - 马亮
    hi, cs I have an application need high-spped json, hdf, bson converter. I can't find it on internet, so, I coded them, put them on

Re: VC++ - paragshravagi
    I tried to download this patch from the mentioned link. But the site cannot be reached. Can someone share the patch again? Best Regards, ParagS

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