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What is ClearSilver?
ClearSilver is a fast and powerful HTML templating system.

ClearSilver is language neutral, allowing you to seamlessly mix C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, PHP, and any other programming language you use, all in the same site, or even the same page.

ClearSilver is fast, avoiding the problems created by language-specific template systems written in slow script languages such as Python or Perl.

ClearSilver is easy to use. Unlike XML/XSLT, which are complicated to setup and understand. You'll quickly find that ClearSilver is the easiest way to develop dynamic webpages.


Here are some examples of websites and applications built today using ClearSilver. The host programming language is also listed.:


  • wunderground.com - The Weather Underground serves comprehensive world-wide weather information to millions of users per day. (C)
  • Mollyguard - a Premium Service Enabler built on top of PayPal. (Python)
  • Xoom - The smarter way to send money. (Python)
  • BroadOn - Clearsilver is used for templating of the web-UI for an embedded device. (C)
  • Bloglines - Used by the server based RSS aggregator. (C)
  • Plaxo - Used by the website portion of this shared address book. (C)
  • Techdirt Wireless - Just one of many enterprise blog sites run by Techdirt Corporate Intelligence. (C)
  • Discogs - Discogs is a user-built database containing information on artists, labels, and their recordings. (Python)
  • Google Groups - The new version of Google Groups uses ClearSilver. (C++/Python)
  • Orkut - Google's social networking site uses ClearSilver. (Java)


  • trac - an issue tracker with wiki-features and a bridge to subversion
  • Manhattan Virtual Classroom - a GPL'd course management system (C)
  • netcon - an operational machine and network monitoring and notification tool written in Python
  • Hassan Image Server - a server for sharing web-browsable photo repositories. (Python)
  • Gaku.net - Personal Portal written in ClearSilver, complete with a web-wikki (Ukki). (Perl)
  • Zild Application Server - Used as the template language (and ClearSilver ServerPages) of this C based Application Server. (C)
  • ezmlm-web - Web interface to ezmlm mailing list manager. (Perl)


ClearSilver comes with wrappers for use in Java, Ruby, C#, Python and Perl. There are additional wrappers available:


  • Although it's not using the ClearSilver code, Yahoo Groups! is authored in ClearSilver's ancestor, "CS/HDF". (C, Python)
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